103m Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform

This really is the Queen of the skies! Being the largest off-road Aerial Platform in the world, there is nothing to compare when working at great heights. Often used on Wind Farms, Petrochemical Refineries and Power Stations, it simply provides the safest form of working at extreme height even in sensitive work areas.

Working range

Max. working height 102.5 m

Max. basket floor height 100.5 m

Max. horizontal outreach 36 m

Boom system

Hydraulic jib boom, working range 115°

Hydraulic upper boom, working range 163°

Workman basket

Standard basket: Telescopic basket3.88m x 1.05m x 1.10m

Slewing range of basket 2 x 84°

Nominal load in telescopic workman basket 530 kg

Nominal load in heavy-duty basket (optional) 600 kg


Function and type of stabilizers Fully variable hydraulic H-type stabilizers

Max. stabilizer spread 8.05 m

Carrier vehicle and installation

Length in transport position 16.4 m

Height in transport position 4.0 m

Width in transport position 2.99m