Wind turbine maintenance is the most cost effective way to increase the output of your WTG fleet. By scheduling regular maintenance we can repair your fleet when productivity is low. This ensures your assets are running when you need them, increasing your margins.

Aging wind turbine fleets, premature rotor blade wear, growing blade size & increasing tip speeds have given rise to our unique preventative maintenance Rotor Life Programs. We offer predictive charges & availability when required with no standby charges. We deliver best in class rotor blade protection coupled with the best up time in the industry. Our Rotor Life Programs are always tailored to your individual requirements and budget. We assess the condition of your WTG assets and create a maintenance package that works for you.

  • Enjoy fixed repair and maintenance cost control programs for accurate financial forecasting
  • Reduce site downtime and increase your margins
  • Reduce costs through improved market leading efficiencies
One of our fleet of truck mounted access platforms we use to as part of our wind turbine maintenance program
  • We utilise the safest WTG access method in the world
  • We can access any internal or external area on a WTG
  • Ready to deploy within 24hrs across Europe & the USA

A member of our rotor blade repair team carries out repairs as part of our wind turbine maintenance program
  • We use revolutionary Rotor Blade repair methods which can cure in less 3 minutes.
  • Our repairs are completed on average six times faster than alternative O&M providers
  • With depots across North America, the UK & Europe our repair teams are there when you need them