Wind Turbine Inspection

Blade Wind Services offer a full range of inspection services to identify any problems or potential issues with your wind turbines.

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WTG Cleaning

Rotor blade and tower cleaning is an important part of your wind turbine maintenance schedule as build ups of dirt & debris increase drag and reduce performance of your wind turbine as well as hide damage that also impacts performance.

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Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Repairs

Our technicians use revolutionary rotor blade repair methods which can cure in less than three minutes. Our technicians complete repairs on average six times faster than alternative providers, reducing downtime and increasing your overall margins.

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Wind Turbine Performance Upgrades

Whether it is more production, better lightning protection or just noise reduction, Blade Wind Services are your perfect installation partner throughout North America and Europe.

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Wind Turbine Planned Maintenance Program

Aging Turbine fleets, premature Rotor wear, growing Blade size and increasing Tip speeds have given rise to our unique preventative maintenance Rotor Life Programs.

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Truck Mounted Access Platforms

Our worldwide fleet of Powered Access Platforms without question provide the safest and most efficient access method available on any Wind Farm around the world.

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